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‘Hurley’ lives up to the hype

Weezer's "Hurley" is now in stores for purchase. (CD art photo)

Well they did it again. Weezer came up with another great album. This will be their eighth full length studio produced album. Weezer’s last album “Radditude” was released November third of last year. And it ROCKED. Their newest album “Hurley” was released  Sept. 14 and boy does it live up to Weezer’s reputation.

The cover art is a little interesting to say in the very least. To go with the title, the cover is a picture of “Hurley,” for those of you, who like me, don’t know who that is, he’s one of the characters from the TV show, “Lost.”

The first song on the album “Memories” and wow, great song! Instant love. The song has great beats and a fantastic feel to it. The video is introduced by Johnny Knoxville and even features the entire hilarious cast of “Jackass.” The song is amazing and I listened to it at least three times in a row because it entertained me just that much.

Unspoken is definitely not the term for the song “Unspoken”. The song features an unusual sound for Weezer, but its not a bad thing. The song has some really great harmonies and very sweet sounding voices. Reading only the lyrics would make you think it’s some depressed and deranged man, but the song definitely doesn’t come off sounding like it.

“Run Away” however, goes back to the old ways of Weezer, cute lyrics, good guitars, and the traditional Weezer sound. Great song. But it almost puts you to sleep. Although if you just sit back, and listen to the lyrics the song is astounding.

The regular album features ten great songs, but you can also buy the deluxe album with 4 extra songs including the very strange, yet very adorable “All my Friends are Insects”, a live cover of Coldplay’s song “Viva La Vida” which is pretty good, might not live up to Coldplay’s version, but a good song none the less. With the deluxe album you also get the acoustic song “I Want to be Something” and the totally ‘rocked out’ song “Represent”.

Overall, the album is outstanding. Lyrics, superb, beats, outrageous, guitar, amazing. Weezer just can’t go wrong, can they?

I rate this album 5 out of 5 Panther Paws.

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