The Duncanville Band performing during halftime vs W.T. White (Photo by Sarah Colchado)
The Duncanville Band performing during halftime vs W.T. White

Photo by Sarah Colchado

For All

December 15, 2018

Hispanic kids playing at the park, African Americans walking across the street to Wing ‘n Rings a local urban restaurant to eat and hang out, and Caucasians enjoying the downtown shops, is what you see on a regular day in Duncanville. In a society consistently revolving around racial discrimination, political polarization, police brutality and immigration issues. where the Duncanville high school marching band represented this equality in a different light.


“This show is by far the most meaningful show that I have ever had the chance to work on. This show is special. It is about the American experience.” Duncanville Band director Chuck Moon said.


The dancers dressed in patriotic dresses helps set off the first part of the show which is America themed. The first part of the show begins with a dramatic fanfare by Aaron Copland from “A Lincoln Portrait.” It was based on the first colonies and discovering of America representing life, liberty, and happiness.

Photo by Sarah Colchado

Students perform the pledge during the bands performance at the UIL State Championship.

As the music progresses, the band starts “breaking apart”–musically and ideologically. The first part ends with the band playing slower and more somber music facing away from the audience and forming the outline of the continental United States.


   “I was excited about forming the United States and playing We Shall Overcome because we can overcome anything as a country.” Duncanville Band Senior Hannah Garcia said.


   As the second part of the marching band starts the band signifies that all races matter by coming together  in small

groups and the Pledge of Allegiance is read in various languages (English, Spanish, French, and



“Each individual can fail or succeed according to their own merit and not because they were born into a rich or

poor family.” Duncanville Band director Chuck Moon said.

Photo by Sarah Colchado

Students perform I want to live in America.

Putting together a show thing this is not only about the students marching across the field and playing music, or the dancers learning choreography, a lot of props and necessities come with it too.

“There are hundreds of moving parts! There are hundreds of students, thousands of notes, thousands of steps, props,

equipment, electronics! The list is endless!!!” Duncanville band director Chuck Moon said.


The students have put in countless hours of rehearsal. Although they have school on their shoulder another outside activities, they are determined to impact the community.


“Run after run, we hear “Reset” over and over and at times it can be frustrating. You get used to the drill and memorizing music, all you want is to finish and be done with it. Fortunately, once it’s all over, the show is perfect.”  Duncanville Band Senior Hannah Garcia said.


The Duncanville Marching Band also had the opportunity to be featured on Fox 4 News because of the impact this marching show has had on the community.


“When they see our show, I hope the audience/judges understand that we are not different from each other. No one is better than the next person. We are all equal.” Duncanville Senior Hannah Garcia said.


In the middle of the show, the entire marching band takes off their hat showing skin color does not define who we are. Near the end of the movement, a gospel choir sings a modified version of America.  They sing “I want to live in America”. The singers and band join for a rousing grand finale to the show. They affirm that The United States of America is… FOR ALL!


“I believe that America should welcome ALL.  I believe in infinite diversity in infinite combinations.  That is what makes America great!” Duncanville Band director Chuck Moon said.


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