Byrd’s Career Day

On Thurs.  December 5 a group of students from Duncanville high school got ready to head over to Byrd middle school for their career day. This being a yearly event students knew just what to take to intrigue the middle schoolers. The whole purpose of this ‘career day’ is to give the middle schoolers a chance to scope some of the high school programs such as internships, graphic design, Commercial photography, cosmetology and more! All middle schoolers are given the opportunity to ask questions in the different setups that the high schoolers have placed. Through the day we show them different class assignments that have resulted in learning projects or even skills. Middle schoolers then get to rank their favorite courses on a paper and soon decide what career path they would like to take at the high school. It’s a fun experience for not only the middle schoolers but the high schoolers as well , we get the opportunity to help kids take steps into their future. Overall it was a rewarding day and some of us even got to see old teachers!

Photo by Angelina Margerum