Youth and Government District 5 conference

What is Youth and Government really?  A question that is asked by many and answered by few. Could it be that the student population isn’t aware or strictly doesn’t care? Here are all sides of the Youth and Government program. 

Starting with Legislative the biggest branch in the program a group of Duncanville high school delegates share their love for this section with words such as “life changing, challenging and eye opening.” With the passion these delegates hold it is stated that they anticipate being in the committee room “ready to express my concerns in a civil manner.”

Moving on to the State Affairs branch of the program in which delegate Moses Garza defines it to be “ a section where you can be collaborative.” He also describes it to be similar to the legislative branch but in a less competitive manner. The next being the Judicial branch in which there are two different sections appellate and mock trial these two are described as “highly realistic and intense in a positive way” by Jaylen Lee an appellate delegate and his friend Genesis Lopez a mock trial delegate.Finally a new branch to the program Media this branch having four diffrent sections print, photojournalism, social, and broadcast. Described by delegate Darasalem “ a section to be reckoned with, it’s flexible and expressive.” She shares that the branch has its stressful moments but its overall rewarding. 

In reality all programs will have their flaws but some may argue that the good will always outweigh the bad and youth and government delegates will debate that in this particular case this program outweighs all its flaws. In the end leaving you to experience all sides of the Youth and Government Program. 

Photo by Adriana Munoz
Photo by Adriana Munoz