January Blood Drive


By Adriana Contreras

On Wednesday January the 22, several Duncanville HIgh School students participated in the Carter blood drive. Most of these donors were seniors while the rest being juniors signed up and went through the whole process of donating. Giving your own blood is an opportunity that is offered to eligible donors brought here to the high school for students to take advantage of. Though many students donate for a graduating cord the principles of participating in the event are selfless. Donating blood goes to save three other lives that are in need . The reason the carter blood drive comes to high school according to adviser overseer Mr.Williams is for the community service aspect. He states that community involvement is a big thing they like to have students pursue when it comes to these events. Williams mentions that his personal favorite part of the blood drive “is the kiddos who have never donated before who have that thrill about donating for the first time.” The blood drive serves as a learning experience for students  and something that they look forward to doing again or even getting others involved in. Overall Wednsdays blood drive was a huge success both in involvement by the students and the carter blood care staff. Now we look forward to the next blood drive in March!