College planning workshop set for March 8

College planning  workshop set for March 8

Doug and Sue Bryan are college planners from DFW College Planning. Doug will be sharing tricks of the college planning proces swith parents at Duncanville High School for free tomorrow night.
For parents who are beginning the planning process for their students’ future, the PTSA will host a free college financial planning workshop at 7:30 tomorrow night. Parents can of freshman through seniors can attend the workshop in the East Seminar Room.

College planning expert Douglas Bryan with College Planning DFW will share secrets he’s learned to send your child to schools a parent thinks they can not afford.  The topics he will cover include How to send your child to the college of their dreams without getting trapped in a financial nightmare and where to find big piles of free money and not fight over scraps.  He will also  discuss why parents shouldn’t be afraid of the sticker price of an expensive private school and why listening to an accountant or other parents could cost your child to miss out on their dreams.

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Here is a taste of what you might learn at this free seminar: