WFAA’s report shows Duncanville ISD’s true financial state

WFAAs report shows Duncanville ISDs true financial state
An up close look at the Superintendent's salary

Duncanville ISD was the victim of sensational reporting last week when KTVT Channel 11 aired an incorrect story about Superintendant Alfred Ray’s salary.   The reporter  from Channel 11 was not interested in reporting the facts as you can see in his story that ran on Channel 11.  He only used portions of this video which is the entire taping of the interview from the district. The practice of Duncanville ISD  is to video any and all media interviews allow the district to view the unedited interview with a TV station before it was aired. The unedited version presents a different story

“We strongly objected to the KTVT Channel 11 story. We object to the headline, the content point-of view and the basic characterization of what was truly nothing like what the two dissenting Trustees stated,” Dr. Ray said

On the same night WFAA Channel 8 ran a story showing the district in a favorable light. Her is the WFAA version of the same interview.  The Board of Trustees Vice-President Marlies Peregory also released a video explaining the salary and the districts financial position that can be viewed here.