Oops They Did It Again

Caden Durham does his signature pose after scoring against Spring Westifled. (Photo by Edith Guttierez)

⁠It was heated game but Duncanville fought till the end. The score was 28-21.

Caden Durham (29) with 2 big touchdowns in the first quarter and 2 others in the second and third quarter.

The defense shutdown many plays Westfield’s offense attempted. Jabreohn Peters (55) got multiple sacks throughout the game. Colin Simmons got a sack in the third quarter. There was a big interception in the fourth quarter by Kadavion Dotson (2).

The Duncanville Panthers will play against Prosper High School in the semifinals.

Photo by Angelina Reyes


Photo by Edith Gutierrez
Photo by Ki’era Moss
Photo by Bryan Chavez
Photo by Devani Bradley
Photo by Dianna Vance

Photo by Destiny Garrity