Pitts takes job as new band director

New band director William Pitts assist the other directors with the new show for the year. (Chloe Knowling photo)

Mr. William Pitts was never the star player, but he found a niche for composing music. Now Pitts finds himself as the new band director at Duncanville High School.

“I have always been really impressed with the way they played here and their approach to music,” Pitts said. “And how music is the forefront of the programming and the education process is inline with my philosophies of teaching.”

The sheer size of the high school could be intimidating to anyone new, but Pitts has made the proper adjustments.

“I’ve never been around a school this big,” Pitts said. “It’s different, but it makes you focus on the band family itself, because that’s really the crowd you get to know.

Although Pitts is a band director, he is also a composer and arranger. Pitts arranged the music for the marching band show this year, also creating an original work alongside fellow band director Mark Teal.

“It’s exciting that a group this good is playing stuff I’ve written and arranged.” Pitts said.

When it came time to hire a new director, Pitts was someone the band directors had an eye on.

“A couple of years ago we met him and we knew he was a really smart, good guy, so if there ever was a position that potentially became open he would definitely be a candidate.” Director George Townsend said.

Pitts started working directly with students for summer band practice, and made an impression on those he teaches.

“He is really nice, ” senior Amada Estrada said, “and he knows how to talk to the kids.”

Students are excited to have Pitts as their new band director.

“I really like Mr. Pitts, he’s really cool,” senior Grace Hevron said. “He has the same drive that we do.”

Pitts’ new position on staff is looked at with optimism by those working with him.

“We have a lot of strong traditions and a lot of really good teachers that have taught here for a long time,” director Jeff King said. “I just see him fitting in to our whole program.”