Boys soccer finishes in tough district, prepares for future

After the pre-season, the boys soccer team was looking very promising for the year. They had a good positive pre-district record, winning the Dr. Pink Invitational in Frisco defeating El Paso El Dorado, Frisco Centennial and Amarillo Palo Duro. The team then entered a district full of top teams in the area in the Mansfield district.  The team fell to the top three teams in the district, Mansfield, Legacy and Timberview by a combined total of only four points after tough games with all three.

“We really needed a forward, we hardly had any,” senior Francisco Vidal said, “We just couldn’t score.”

The team put up competitive games almost every match, often out shooting their opponents. Coach Passos said it wasn’t the defense or midfield that kept the team from scoring at crucial times. He said the team just had a weakness upfront.

“We didn’t make the playoffs because some games we’d win 3-0, we’d score three goals, and then we’d go three games without scoring one,” Pasos said, “We didn’t get the right goals at the right time.”

Passos chose to bring up some of the junior varsity players to help with the lack of scoring.

“I was very proud of these players for coming up and filling roles that were needed on the varsity team,” Passos said.  “They were able to help the seniors put points on the board during the final run of district play.”

The underclassmen that came up to the varsity level admit the entire season wasn’t disappointing. They said they gained much needed experience for next year.

“We’re going to be really young next year, but we’re hoping to at least make it to the playoffs,” sophomore midfielder Carlos Lugo said, “if not, we will for sure my senior year.”

Passos said that the team also made strides academically.

“These players pass rate increased to 91% throughout the year,” Passos said.