Swingers to present ‘True Colors’ show May 13-14

Swingers to present True Colors show May 13-14

The Swingers will host their annual show next week.

Showing their “true colors”, the DHS Swingers Show Choir will present their annual spring show May 13 -14 in the Reed Auditorium. The show’s director Susan Kheshtinejad says that those who attend the performance should be prepared for an evening well spent.

“They should expect a great catered three course meal-the works. It’s kind of a retro theme of popular music from current all the way back to the 60’s with surprises throughout thrown in.” Kheshtinejad said.

Tickets can only be purchased in advance ranging from $7 for children, $15 for students and $20 for adults. Although a $20 ticket may sound expensive to some, Khestinejad encourages people to remember that they are paying for dinner and a show.

“You have to remember you’re getting dinner too. If you go to Whataburger before the show and order a double cheeseburger you’re going to be paying 8 or 9 bucks,” Kheshtinejad said. “But you don’t get china and you don’t get the benfit of listening to the Duncanville High School Swingers Show Choir do a great show.”

In preparation for the show the choir put in hours of practice, rehearsing every weekday and Saturday mornings for up to 3 hours.

“Long practices can be really frustrating at times, especially those days when you just really want  a nap,” sophomore Claire Dial said. “But in the long run it’s all worth it.”

The show features older pieces, but Kheshtinejad says that the students have been able to connect with the music and learn about classic music icons.

“The kids have been introduced to some music that they didn’t really know and that they have grown to really love,” Kheshtinejad said. “Last year we did some stuff that was really old and they grew to love it. This year it’s not old to me, but it’s really old to them. They’re learning all about Woodstock and Jimmy Hendrix. They’ve learned about some things that they didn’t know about, so that’s really cool. They’ve learned what real coolness is.”

Dial said that although there are always mistakes in a show, she hopes that those who attend will find the music relateable and fun to listen to.

“There are always going to be people who don’t like what you do, and of course no performance is ever perfect,” Dial said. “But I really think the show will be one of the best. The songs are sure to be ones that the audience will know and enjoy.”

Dial said that the choir shares a bond that makes performing together very natural. She looks forward to the show and hopes that a lot of people will come out to support the group.

“I love these people so much. We are like family, so that makes performing together so much more fun,” Dial said. “I really like the theme this year so it will be a really entertaining show that I hope everyone comes to see.”