All Time Low raises expectations for concert goers

"All Time Low"

There’s a growing line of girls with high hopes and groups with big dreams. There are running fans, not cool enough to stop the heat from penetrating the crowd.

And the parents, you can’t forget the parents who are wondering why, under the big Texas sun, they even decided to take their children to the recent Yellow Card concert at the Palladium Ballroom.

The Dirty Work Tour headlined “All Time Low” and “Yellowcard” with the opening acts of The Summer Set and Hey Monday April 8 at the Palladium Ballroom.  And at exactly 6:34 pm, the floodgates opened and fans rushed in, scanning their tickets and rushing to the merchandise stand.

They needed the latest CD more than they needed to buy a drink because the crowd was mostly girls that could not even drink at their age

The concert was a sold out crowd, and for good reason. “The Summer Set” created the mood with their catchy singles.  The crowd’s fist pumped and the excitement built up. More notably, “Hey Monday” got crowd surfers and despite the fact that the lead singer was sick with a sore throat, she was able to push her vocals for an excellent performance.

Perhaps one of the nicest things about Hey Monday was that the band interacted with the entire crowd, highly aware that more people were there for “All Time Low” she asked for people who didn’t know the lyrics to just say ‘watermelon’ which added some humor to the show.

However the best performances were the top two, “Yellowcard” and “All Time Low.” “Yellowcard” opened with an excellent light show, toned down from their usual seizure like light sequences. The band played songs from their former album which they did not tour and ended with Ocean Avenue, an old 90s song that put them on the map.

However after the crowd roaring performance by “Yellowcard” made the crowd anxious for “All Time Low” and five minutes before the performance a chant for them arose. And for good reason. “All Time Low” made no disappointments. The band went above and beyond the quality of their CD, They were moved by the crowd’s demands. By the end of the night they had a microphone stand laced with bras from the crowd.

Needless to say, The Dirty Work Tour delivered to their fans.