Band releases new album ‘You’re a Jerk’

Band releases new album  Youre a Jerk
New Boyz

Coming back from their last fresh sounding single, “You’re A Jerk,” New Boyz have a new single  and music that  shockingly brings out their true colors and a music video that made it light up even brighter.  Its a start to showing how far they have grown up with Ben J and Legacy’s “Tough Kidz”, throwing it out there for the ladies.

I was really taken back by the first voice that I heard, because it was unique and rich. As shock past, I soon thought that it was just another song that sounded almost like a combination of Lil’ Wayne’s rapping and Kanye West’s hardcore beats, but then I stopped and listened for the lyrics.  Sounds in the background threw me off but the lyrics were the ying to the yang.

The lyrics of the song were both creative and inspirational. They brought out the mature side that the “New Boyz” were aiming for. It showed just how much they  stand up for their skinny jeans and swag. Lyrics that told kids  they can express their colors and not be ashamed for what their colors contained. Just like P!nk’s “You’re Perfect” and Katy Perry’s “Fireworks,” New Boyz goes with the theme of the year – express yourself- and presents another new teen anthem.

A video that is surprisingly cutting edge for a black and white film, their music video for the single was very straight out and thuggish. Showing how “tough’ they could be, “New Boyz” set their video with the perfect rebellious scenarios- the hood, a skate park, and a train tunnel. Walls full of graffiti and cans to kick makes the video’s atmosphere more raw and real,  like a teen today. I would be lying if I said “This video sucked”, because it didn’t.

Masking their true colors with a sound that blew me way off the tracks, may have caught me off guard, but in the end it was all worth it. The words that came out of this song were surprisingly good. Don’t let the title fool you, because this song did rock. If I were to ask New Boyz right now,”Did you get the reaction that you wanted?” I bet you they would say with a grin, “Yes”.