Control the “Monster” in You

Control the Monster in You

Paramore released their album "Monster" during the summer with hit reviews.
Going from there last soft sounding hit single, “Only Exception,” Paramore rises to the top with a new song that brings out more of Hayley Williams’ vocals to the plate. “Monster”, is what I call “Paramore’s Next Big Hit”. With it’s solid guitar beginning and Hayley’s strong vocals. This song is more than just a song for the “Transformers:Dark of the Moon Soundtrack”; I found it to be another song that showed that a we the people can survive with all the terrible things going on with the World around us. Paramore showed OUR strengths.

What really caught me off guard was Hayley’s tone. At first I didn’t know who it was. Because her sound so fresh and calm that I just couldn’t believe that it was Hayley. But once the verse kept going I finally heard the hardcore unique toned woman that she was. I did though find the new sound to be very impressive and very fitting for the tone that was being brought out. Of course we can never have a hit without awesome instrumentals. The guitar was like a spark to me that would never stop and like always the drums kept a beat that I could catch on to. With Paramore I tend to enjoy the beat of the drums. And like always the drums never cease to not stop me from drumming along.

Just like 30 Seconds to Mars’ hit song, “Kings and Queens” Paramore had set the setting of the song to be about us the future. This song really spoke to me and said, “Hey we’re not weak or naive to everything around us.” I really liked this song. I did find it suitable to be starred in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Soundtrack. Because though we may be humans we are as strong as any Transformer.

Paramore never stops to impress me with their music. I love how they try different types of tones to their music. Paramore would go from hardcore emo to calm alternative rock to well rock. Paramore can make so many different types of themes that fit so well. Paramore is talented that way and I hope that they share more of their talent with us. And really with this band you can think whatever the heck you think the song is about and it would fit.  When I heard this song I thought of a government keeping their people in the dark. That’s what I thought. What do you think?