Taking Back Sunday’s “Faith”

Taking Back Sundays Faith

Taking Back Sunday's album "Faith" was released this summer.
The group Taking Back Sunday had a hit with “Sinking into Me” for a moment in the year 2009, but really it doesn’t compare to their new hit single for the summer of 2011. Taking Back Sunday’s “Faith(When I Let You Down)” has captured eyes with it’s classic lyrics and loud fitting instrumentals. Then topping the icing on the cake with a hilarious video that involves some pet humor. I was tempted by humor with the video, but was caught by the lyrics.

Taking Back Sunday has created a song that had catchy lyrics that respond to those that are in need of second chances. Faith is hard to give when someone has let you down countless of times. But the one thing in this song that seriously caught my ears was the sound of the beginning of the song. It sounded almost like 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings and Queens” At first I thought, “Rip Off” until I listened further. The songs are not the same. Sure the beginning sound like almost like another song, but really when have hit songs or even hit artists not copied each other before? Maybe they were inspired. Really the songs have nothing in common. Different lyrics and different sound after the beginning. Taking Back Sunday just showed how classic 30 Seconds to Mars could be. The respected another band’s work. Well that’s what I think. The beats from the drums made the music flow with now gaps in between, the guitar created a tremendous vibe, and the vocals that had just created the lyrics emotions out of it’s memorizing sound. The song is a hit.

Now back to the best reason why I love this song. The music was something I would honestly recommend to my friends and just put “lol” as a comment. The storyline was humorous and really true to real life, except for the cat. Just erase the cat. Good artists sometimes lose their paths and go in the wrong directions. This video has captured that meaning and has brought it to life with a funny music video that is kinda not appropriate for kids under the age of 16. I have to admit this video was wrongly funny, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t capture the meaning of the lyrics.

Taking Back Sunday from the beginning has always been my favorite band. With no hopes in them making another album anytime soon, this songs had completely brought back my “Faith” and has made it stay. I knew this band wouldn’t disappoint me and this band probably never will. And if they ever do, then I know that they would make it up to me by getting better. Faith will always be hard to hold and this song sung about that. I believe in this single. Now it’s your turn.