A World Full of “Young Blood”

The Most Fun Song Yet!!

The Naked and Famous, an indie New Zealand band. has caught every-one’s ears with their single, “Young Blood”. Their album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You”, was introduced to us this summer. This Album had awesome tracks that made the summer paradise. But also it made the new school year a time to look forward to. This song is a hit for teens. We could relate to the lyrics. Their music also sounds electric and fun. You would want to jump with the 80’s- kind beats. This song is “go with the flow” and fun!

The Naked and Famous’ music drummed it’s way to America. It was a hit on the radio station, 102.1 the EDGE and also premiered on the first episode of the new season for the TV show, Degrassi: Now or Never. Their music evolves mostly on the vocals from singer, Alisa Xayalith, and guitarist Thom Powers. Alisa’s voice is soft and sweet as Thom’s is very quiet and dark. They’re like morning and night. While the vocals are blasting out their lyrics the instrumentals are filling in the gaps. The vibe they give off is very party 80’s. The sound makes you want to dance and jump up and down. You could already feel a style coming off this song. Just like the whole Native American feathers in the hair look this year. This song gives you a whole wild, but also pleasant sound that makes you feel as free as a bird.

The title and lyrics was also the one thing that caught my interest. I mean, “Young Blood”, I knew it was going to be a song about teens. It spoke of how stressed we teens can get with life. We all get tired of all the dramas in life and want to just scream out to the sky for help. We can’t hold ourselves in so we express ourselves. That’s why our taste in clothing and music is just so out there. We all have a different life to experience. But we all know what pressure feels like. That’s what this song spoke of and I loved it.

I like hearing new artists. Especially foreign ones. It’s shows how much music is such a big production all around the world. This song gave off a refreshing vibe that I go for. A vibe that says “Let’s have fun!”. Songs that make you laugh and smile. If you want a song to just listen to. Or a song that would just make you want to dance randomly in your room. Then this is the song for you.