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Blink 182 is Back!

Up All Night
Blink 182's New Single brings some hope!

We all thought Blink 182 was gone in 2005. But Blink 182 has come back with a new album, a tour in that starts on Sept. 3 (Arriving to Texas at Sept. 26) and hit single that keeps me hoping for another.  The single, “Up All Night”, is loud and crazy! Lyrics are inspirational and rough. I wouldn’t say this song would be a huge hit. I feel that it still needs a little work. But hey I’m sure Blink 182 have few more tricks up their sleeve. I’m just stoked that they are back and making music again!

Blink 182 reunited over the summer of 2010 to create their comeback album “Neighborhood”. Blink’s sound had changed slightly a little. They had gone from the play dumb hyped-up tune to a more serious tone. Their sound isn’t bad, but it’s just doesn’t sound like them. Sure Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge still have the same tone in their voice. But the sound of the drums and the guitar just seemed out of place. We were so used to their playfully dumb tone and lyrics. They sound more mature and serious.

Their video and lyrics though made up for the sound. The Lyrics were different from their usual writing. I have always known Blink 182 for their crazy lyrics that said, “Hey have fun!” These lyrics spoke more with a serious tone with experience. Like Green Days come back hit single, “Know Your Enemy”. Blink 182 had brought out how we all have demons in our lives. And how we have to over come them. The video though told a different story. It was like a riot-party full of teens. It was a video that yelled out crazy, but a night to remember. I liked the video. It partly matched the lyrics. And it was wild. I go for those kinda things in a video.

I love Blink 182! I was educated by my mom and dad. So, you can kind of say that I grew up with them. They will always hold a soft spot to my heart. I didn’t write this review to dis their sound. I wrote it because I was excited for their come back! I was depressed when I heard that the band had broken up. It took them 5 years just to realize that they can’t live without each other. I know they can do better. There is a new year coming. They’re just getting warmed up. Look out everyone. Blink 182 is back!

I give this Four Paws.


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