Halftime show pays tribute to events of 9-11

Halftime show pays tribute to events of 9-11

The band, choir, high hats and other community leaders came together to pay tribute to those affected by the events of Sept. 11, 2001. (Ariana Canchola photo)

The band, choir, firemen, police and members from the Duncanville community joined together for a special tribute at half-time of the Panthers vs. North Crowley game in memory of those who were lost, those who lived, and those who served on Sept. 11, 2001.

“The 10th anniversary is a day when I wanted to honor the men and women who served that day and serve today for all their sacrifices,” band director David Brandon said.

The band and choir made of teenagers remember the tragedy even though some of them were in elementary school when the events took place.

“I remember not knowing what was going on because I was only in in first grade,” band member Christopher Dominguez said. “But I remember the sadness that day.”

Line of service did not stop on 9-11 it continues today as those in society honor those men and women who suffered loss that day.

“They served us on 9-11 and they serve today in our country and our city today,” band director George Townsend said.

As everyone lined up that night the high school and the community played a part in keeping the memory of that day alive for generations that may not remember it.

“It’s important to pass on the memory of pain and sadness from 9-11 so that we never forget how we felt that day so that we never take four country for granted,” teacher Mrs. Whitney said.

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