The Script Concert brings Melodies to All Ages

"The Script"
Played at the Palladium Ballroom Oct. 2

A long line on Oct. 2 made a good impression for The Script as the fans waited to enter the Palladium Ballroom. But the age range was the biggest fulfillment of all. From ages 12 to 50. The Script concert was a good musical way to greet the chilly days of October. With a solid opening and memorable ending. The Script concert was entertaining. Boring wasn’t anywhere near the stage. Everyone screamed and sang along with out of toned voices. No one cared. They just wanted to feel free. The Script gave them those feelings.

Their opening was the Hot Chelle Rae that seemed to lighten up the spirits of the young pre-teen girls. You could tell they were only there for them. The girls with costumed Hot Chelle Rae shirts and posters were screaming the loudest. Hot Chelle RaeĀ  gave the audience something to sing and dance along to. A cute lead singer who doesn’t sound at all bad live. Who wouldn’t want to sing along? They aroused the audience with pop beats and a boy band loving lyrics.

But really they were just the warm up. Giving us a suspenseful opening. Everyone cheered out “Script” until they came out one at a time. They started out with the a song from their new album, Science and Faith. An inspirational beginning that opens out everyone’s hearts with a content. The concert was about the new album but really everyone wanted to hear the old songs. The hits that seemed to be more memorable. Well of course. They have been hits for the past year.

Lead singer and keyboardist Danny O’Donoghue was more than a handsome face. His singing voice was so beautiful that everyone couldn’t help but sing along. And when I mean everyone I mean EVERYONE. Even grandma was singing in the front row. But Danny wasn’t the only band member that stood out. Guitarist Mark Sheehan jammed out with soft strings of melodies. He was also the most funniest as well. And when it came to the drums it was a different story. Drummer Glen Power seemed to be in his own little world when he drummed out in a drum solo. These guys are all unique individually. But together they are unbelievable.

The Script was more than just a band with amazing sound. They were also a band with funny humor. They interacted tremendously with the audience that Hot Chelle Rae. They made the audience feel like they are at home. The best part of the show was the ending. They gave us an encore that was legendary. They sang hit single “For the First Time.’ And ended with the audience finishing with a solo as they walked slowly off the stage.