David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat Album

"David Guetta
Gives off More Than Just Beats


David Guetta is a known DJ that brought out funky beats and fun. Now he is back with a new album called Nothing But The Beat. It’s fun and original. It was similar to his songs like Getting Over You and Sexy Chick. This album had the same jumping beat that makes you want to jump. It still has the lyrics that bring more to the music that just beats. I’m not much of a DJ-party-hip-hop type of music listener. But this guy David Guetta always seems to draw my attention from the beginning to the end of the song.

Starting off with a good start by giving us song called Where Them Girls At. This gives off his signature sound of a good beat and a mixture of beautiful sounds that make up the word fun. I loved how it started. The song was not only brought fresh sounding by Flo Rida. But it was also very exciting with a few clear high fun vocals from Nicki Minaj.

I thought this album was going to give me just something predictable at first. Until I later heard the unexpected songs Lunar and Titanium. Lunar with it’s futurist sound and fresh beginning that I seemed to fall for. It started off with a beginning that sounded like rain drops. Then soon formed into a splash that brought the whole song to life. It kinda of reminded me of TRON the movie soundtrack. While Titanium was a love song that made me good inside. I loved the lyrics. It showed the strength of women when they get broken heart by someone. Sia’s voice was strong and deep. And the soft strings that brought the feminine side to the song. Not very many female singer have that kind of unique voice so I give her props for that.

An album that was not only entertaining, but it also made me want to sing along. When it comes to Hip-Hop I don’t usually get those. There is a short this of them. So I was happy when I heard this CD and started singing along. It not only had a great sound, but also awesome co-musicians. Like Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, and Afro Jack. I knew it was going to be a great album when I saw their names in it. It was like heaven it CD form.

A signature sound always brings in the fans. But a few new beats in the end always get new ones hooked. David Guetta probably wants more from his music than just the answer fun. He probably had a message in there somewhere. And I saw it when I listened to the songs Repeat and Titanium. They were inspirational songs. and I loved them. But really I guess the only way to keep the audience interested in what you have to say is to just show them something fun, original, and new. I believe that what catches our ears and makes a new album a hit.