Panthers look to regain momentum against South Grand Prairie

Panthers look to regain momentum against South Grand Prairie

This week the Panthers will face off against South Grand Prairie with the hopes of getting back into the win column after a tough 27-20 loss to Mansfield last week.

South Grand Prairie also suffered a big loss to Mansfield Timberview the same night. Duncanville comes into the game with an overall better rhythm than South Grand Prairie, the Warriors have only won one game and it was the first of the district season.

It will be important for the Panthers to get a win, they need to quickly get back into the momentum they built up in the first two games. It will get dangerous if they lose another game.

But the team faced a good opponent in Mansfield, it really could have gone either way, it should not hurt the mentality of the team. There will be only three games left after this week and the Panthers need the boost from this game.

The Panthers will be at home and they should not really have too much trouble against South Grand Prairie, if they get the win they should be in good shape to finish strong in the last three games.

You can see live coverage of the game HERE

Photos from Last Weeks game HERE