Evanescence Comes Back Brand New

Evanescence's New Beginning

Evanescence returns with new band members and a new single. After Amy Lee fired John LeCompt and the rest of the members quitting afterwards. Amy comes up with new band members that bring more spot light the instrumental. You would have never expected that when it came to the competition with Amy’s harmonic vocals that seem to know just the right tone to keep us wanting more. They guys are bringing more game to the band and it is about time.

Starting out with a solid beat from drummer Will Hunt that leads the song into a good direction. The new single What You Want has a good start that will lead to expectations. While Amy strengthens it up with vocals that will keep you hooked. So far the single was good until the guitarists Troy McLawhorn and Terry Balsamo a blast full of strings that give off a Rock tune that show that this Evanescence is nothing like the first. The last Evanescence wasn’t a rock band they were a Christian Rock band that had lyrics that talked about like and never really enough inctrumentals to squeeze in when it came to Amy Lee’s powerful voice. But now the instruments show that they are part of the band too.

The Lyrics was a very big step to the rock genre to me for the band as well. They weren’t about sorrows and sacrifices. They were about being what you want to be. Having your own life and not caring about what everyone thinks. Amy has brought a more “free” approach to the audience for the band. She looked like she was confined like a caged bird. And now she has released he beast inside her.

Different Lyrics and Different sound. Evanescence is a brand new band. It is like they had gone through metamorphisis and has transformed into a blossomed butterfly. I had loved the old Evanescence then and I still love them now.