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    It’s not a ‘Teenage Dream’ come true with Katy Perry’s new album

    Katie Perry releases new album.

    Katy Perry released her album “Teenage Dream” August 24th and it’s completely loaded with inappropriate content. But that’s quite typical with any Katy Perry song. In fact, anything by Katy Perry without some type of innuendo, completely feels unnatural.

    The title song “Teenage Dream” is fantastic. I love it, although Perry’s voice sounds a little pitchy here and there, she makes up for it with great lyrics. It took one or two times around listening to it to really like it, but I’m hooked now.

    Another good song is “Firework.” It’s great, filled with mixed tempo’s that make the song pretty good. It has a somewhat pop/techno feel to it that DEFINITELY works for her. I’m in love with this song!

    And who can forget “California Gurls,” one of the greatest songs on the radio right now. The song is amazing with a total Katy Perry feel. Great lyrics, memorable chorus, and guest star Snoop Dogg makes it a total unforgettable win. The music video is fantastic as well. The parody theme of “Candy Land” is absolutely hilarious with some great visual effects, granted you might not want to watch it with your parents near by! The video features many obscene things that might not be appreciated by all.

    In reality, there are a few songs not working in my head, “Peacock” and “Circle the Drain” just being two. “Peacock” is absolutely categorized in her usual feel and style, but the song is lacking the “WOW ” factor. It is genuinely annoying and intolerable. Personally, I think the song is a little too over the top with inappropriateness, while “Circle the Drain” is generally boring and can’t hold my attention which is a very bad quality in a song.

    Although the entirely explicit album may feature some quality songs like “Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls,” and “Last Friday Night,” the overall album doesn’t make the cut in my book. I don’t suggest buying the entire album, but maybe just a few singles on iTunes. I rate this C.D. 3.5 out of 5 Panther Paws.

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