Sisters Red Brings a Darkside to A Childhood Classic

Jackson's New Book brings out Red Riding Hood

The famous author of the popular Sweetly has come back with a newer much darker book. Sisters Red is deathly lovely. It is set in a modern setting that is anything but normal. Jackson will keep you hooked with a sisterhood that is stronger than any love in the world. Characters that are descriptive and a plot that will make you pull your hair out. I had never even heard of Jackson Pearce until I started reading this book. And I have to say it was a good way to start an addiction.

The March Sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, are more than just pretty faces. They had lost their grandmother to a Fenris aka werewolf death and their mother didn’t bother to handle the supernatural exposure. Scarlett March is a werewolves hunter that has the death of the a love one and the scars (even a missing eye) from a battle to give her the passion to kill them. Though she may be permanently deformed Scarlett has a strength that is displayed with crimson colored cloak and razor-sharp hatchet. Rosie March though is a different subject. She has always felt that she has owed her sister her life since Scarlett had saved hers. But once she starts to fall for a woodsman’s son Silas she starts to realize that there is more to life then just hunting werewolves. Will Rosie decision ruin all the work that the sisters have worked for?

Powerful and dangerous. Who would have thought that a twist to a timeless childhood classic could be transformed into something so dark. Scarlett will make you feel strong while Rosie will make you feel stranded. A story of sisterhood is always a way to make a relationship between family pr friendship become stronger. And that is what this story does. Romance, drama, and violence is what makes up this book. And everyone can read it. The werewolf hunting for the guys and the romance for the girls. It’s a done deal. A book that will show that a connection by blood is more than just a partnership.

I give this 5 paws