Dallas Cowboys players, Rapper pays visit to sophomore class for motivational speeches

Dallas Cowboys players, Rapper pays visit to sophomore class for motivational speeches
Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Jesse Holley spoke to students about chasing dreams and doing what they need to in order to achieve their goals during a sophomore presentation. (Alexis Champion photo)

Cowboy’s players Jon Kitna, Derrick Dockery, and Jesse Holley visited the school to talk with the sophomore class about things they could do to be successful in school and life, the players were excited to be able to contribute to the students.

“This opportunity to come back to all these different schools and talk, it’s our way of giving back,” Holley said.

Kitna stressed that it is important for kids to never give up, because he was also faced with many obstacles.

“I’m a product of dreams,” Kitna said. “To me it’s never about the guy who’s the most talented, it’s about the person who’s persevered the most.”

The players talked about several things they like to be able to convey to students.

“I want to inspire kids,” Dockery said. “I think the main thing is having goals for yourself, whatever you can set your mind to, you can do it.”

Students were surprised by the appearance of the guests and applauded and cheered as they were being presented by the Cowboys haplain, Johnathan Evans.

“It’s good people that we’re bringing,” Cowboys chaplain Johnathan Evans said. “They are coming to speak about how to get from one level to the next in life.”

Sophomore Xavier Vault said the experience was a good one and challenged them as students to become better at life.

“I thought the assembly was fun,” sophomore Xavier Vault said, “Jesse Holley really got to me, he actually got down to our level and Jon Kitna broke his message down to where we could understand it.”

The assembly also included rapper T-Ned, who treated students with a small rap concert prior to the Cowboy’s players speaking.

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