Breaking Dawn Satisfied Fans

The Start to the Final Frontier


Like always, Twilight brought in the millions to the theaters. Breaking Dawn was the most heart racing and squeal thrilling movie of the year. Stephanie Meyer’s saga was breath takening and hit all the items of my best movie checklist. The graphic, and the acting that made my hands clench the movie sit over the suspense. I never thought that this movie would make me go crazy.

Bella and Edward were getting married and everyone was invited for the main event. From the decorations to the dress. I thought the props were amazing. But it couldn’t beat the actor that made the beauty of the background not matter. The actors were the one’s I would be very critical about. I didn’t want bad acting for a spectacular movie. From the joy of getting married to the screams of giving birth- Kristen Stewart pulled off the emotions of Bella Swan. But the one actor that I had raved for the most was Jacob Black. I knew the story was about Bella. But Taylor Lautner would always bring me back to Jacob’s story. He proved that Jacob was more than just another person in the book. Man most of the girls were there just for him. That was because he was the main event.

The graphics for my favorite animal were mind blowing. The wolves rocked the movie screen with their growls and humorous expressions. You would have never thought that a wolf’s telekinesis would be so entertaining. I loved how cute they looked when they were sad. And how fearful they were when they were angry at each other. The whole expressions were fun and interesting to watch.

Breaking Dawn had proved to a lot of haters out their how many people loved their movies. Even though books don’t give the now cliché theme of vampires anymore. This movie had brought back the one thing that we loved two years ago. It brought back the good time. Part Two comes out November 16, 2012.


I give this Five paws