Super 8 Brings Science Fiction Madness

Best Movie For the Family

Released on DVD and Blue-ray on Nov 22 a science fiction film scores to the top. Super 8 is a film that will make the family get together for a movie night. Beautifully engineered graphics, spectacular performances, and humorous dialogue. Super 8 create a super time for any get together. This is what i had expected from a Steven Spielberg film.

In the summer of 1979 a group of kids witness an explosive train wreck while filming a horror movie for the movie festival with a super 8 camera in the small town of Ohio. They soon realize that it was not an accident. Shortly after many unusual things happen. The government comes and claims it’s territory for awhile. Then dogs and people go missing. And strange military conversations come on the radio. The local deputy tries to uncover the mystery. But what no one even knows is that the group of kids already have the missing pieces to it.

Actors Kyle Chandler and Joel Courtney play the leading role of father and son. They demonstrate an acting that is so legit that I wondered if they were really acting. This movie was both humorous with it’s seventh grade children. And the time genre that brought out all the groovy humor. I had wondered why movies or just media in general had the alien theme in the 70’s. It was time period that brought that trend raging. Super 8 is for everyone. Explosives for the guys and family feud drama for the girls. Just like the animated film Iron Giant, Steven Spielberg will make your hearts warm up.

I give this five paws.