Book fair brings smiles to faces of all involved, raises money for high school library

Book fair brings smiles to faces of all involved, raises money for high school library

Junior Elena Elliot looked patiently as a four year-old reaches into the book bringing new meaning to a popular kids book. (Chrystal Rhone photo)

It was just after 10 a.m. in the morning the Saturday of her Thanksgiving break and junior volunteer Elena Elliot waited patiently for the little girl to pick out a book for her to read to her. She read the book with enthusiasm. As she read the descriptions and pointed to the colorful drawings in the book, the girl made her way up close to where she was reading. The girl quickly looked up at the book and pointed out something that was hidden in the book. Elliot smiled for the little girl’s answer was right there was something hidden in the book. This was just one of the many highlights of the day at the Barnes and Noble book fair.

“It was delightful to have so many volunteers,” Barnes and Noble employee said. “Everything seemed like a success especially story time.”

The book fair, held November 26- 27 was sponsored by the PTSA not only to help the store at Cedar Hill’s Uptown mall but as a joint fund-raising for the high school. For the first time there was a host of student volunteers on hand to brighten the store visitors day. For students it was an opportunity to give back to the community while benefiting the school at the same time.

“It was just like Santa’s Workshop at the book store that day,” junior Chrystal Rhone said. ” All the clubs members were helping out Barnes and Noble give out Christmas cheer.”

The day started off with Spanish Story Time. The day rocked along with various other events leading to a final reading time on Saturday.

“The crowd was small as the book fair started,” librarian Jeni Tahaney said. “But it grew as time went by.”

The crowd began to grow as other booths were set up for various activities hosted by groups from the high school. There was an arts and crafts booth ran by student volunteers. Although students were able to gain community service hours for participating in the event however they said it was more about the experience.

“I loved how doing this was putting smiles on little kids faces,” freshman volunteer Nia Washington said. “I was also getting community service hours, that is a two in one special.

The arts and crafts table remained full the whole time. One volunteer’s mother Tririka Haywood said that it was cool to get the kids doing something creative for less money. Other parents said they were shocked by the turn out for the day

“The whole event was unexpected,” parent Aaron Sassi said. “I like how the kids were just having fun with everything.”

Parent Henry Martinez said it was pretty neat that students were contributing to the Holiday event.

“I thought that it was really good for the students,” Matinez said. “It is nice to see them getting involved with the community.”

After the craft table shut down, the Guitar Club took the stage. Gutar Club sponsor John Tahaney said he found the event to be fun and beneficial for the band.

“You want to play in as many different venues as you get,” Tahaney said. “Going out in the community to perform or volunteer shows people what you on your spare time is important for a student.

The Guitar club did more than just get exposure from a different point of view. Guitar Club president Raymond Babcock said he was just excited to help out and show people what his group can really do.

“I really wanted to do something for the school,” Babcock said.

They played for an hour with new fans and even old ones. Students who weren’t volunteering showed up to support their friends.

“I’m happy to come here and support my volunteering friends,” sophmore Gracia Caro said. “The Rock Show, Story Time and Arts and Crafts was really fun.”

While the Guitar club was performing the Anime Club was showing off their talents as well with an art show display for visitors to stop by and admire. Sophmore Vanessa Sanchez said she was excited about presenting her artistic abilities.

“I happy I had the courage to go up and show off my work,” Sanchez said. “I felt accomplished in my work while helping in the community at the same time.”

Student Council was the only club on Sunday with one last reading time. StuCo sponsor David Womack said the kids were excited about this event.

“We wanted to help the PTSA and the Library,” Womack said. “It was also a way to get more student council member involved.”

Barnes and Noble employee Susanne Howell said the event was a win, win for everyone involved in the weekend events.

“I found this event to be beneficial to everyone,” Howell said. “It helped us by bringing in more customers and it helped raise money for the school at the same time.”

Librarian Jeni Tahaney said she was glad to see so many student volunteers show up for the event.

“I knew that this day was going to be exciting with so many volunteers,” Mrs. Tahaney said. “But the most important part was that everyone had fun.”