Musical Jersey Boys Brings Rocking Holiday Cheer


A Rock n' Roll Holiday Special

Giving the Holidays some oldies sounds that really bring in the Christmas cheer. Released on Oct. 4 Jersey Boys’ Season’s Greetings was the first Broadway musical to be released out on CD for the holidays. And it brought out a good impression to me for being the first musical to ever do a holiday special. I found two things to stand out the most. The CD was created with creative vocals and solid in. I found my holiday to be a bit complete with these beautifully remixed classics. I had expected a lot from Jersey Boys. And they did fail to make this Christmas special.

The first song that came on was Joy to the World. You would hear an intro that had a small jingle from bells and voices that echoes softly that it made the song seem pleasing. But once you hear the Striking voice coming from that character Frankie Vallie (Lead singer to the Four Seasons) you are just drawn to the it’s self. The singer himself is a fresh uniqueness that makes you want to dance or sing along. When it came to vocals, one of my favorites was Carol of the Bells/Angels We Have heard on High. It had started with such a delightful voices that made me want to sing along. it was a good combination that synced together perfectly.The Four Seasons gave me goose-bumps in the beginning of the song. I just loved it.

Though the vocals from the group may have been a bit over bearing. The drums and strings still made it in there with their smooth rhythms. They were consistence and create a sound for the background to fill up all the gaps. One of the songs that I found the most to be over bearing with instrumentals was the song Little Drummer Boy. The song opened with strong beats from the drums. They were seemed so light but at the same time strong that they opened a place for the vocals between every beat. It was perfect. I loved that song.

Having a cup of hot chocolate in a warm blanket watching Christmas movies is what these song urge me to do. Just listening to the vocals and instrumentals make me picture that relaxing image. A Broadway musical that bring out the classic sounds like the Beatles. A group of any color collared men that bring music in their own type of way. The Four Seasons make the musical Jersey Boys. These Holidays will be joyous like that song Do You Hear What I Hear. And eventful like Silver Bells/Silent Night. Each and every song will bring an different feeling to the Holiday in a positive way. With a thought that winter cliches don’t sound as boring as they seem.

I give this 5/5 paws.