Gray Wolf Throne- Book Review

The Advnture You Don't Wana Miss

Released Aug. 30 Cinda Williams Chima, creator of the Heir Series, returns with the third book of the Seven Realms Series. Gray Wolf Throne is a dazzling book that shines with the what every reader of the series expects from it. It was radiant with it’s creative characters and well written story line. I was gripping my bed spread as i read the book. It had almost pushed me to the edge with it’s ending. Chima has continued to a series that we want to see unfurl it’s wings and fly.

Han Allister and Raisa ana’Marianna return to the place that they had both escape from with more tricks up their sleeves. After hearing that his dear friend Rebecca Morley had been kidnapped, Han Alister travels to rescue. Meanwhile Raisa is on the run to get back home and retrieve her rightful place on the Gray Wolf Throne. But things get a bit complicated when assassins come and try to kill her. Han saves her, but only thinking that she is his friend Rebecca. They run off together to the Fells where it is safe. Meanwhile the people will stop at nothing to keep Raisa from ascending the throne. Now alive and reading for a battle for her throne. Raise must choose between the protection of her kingdom and her relationship with Han.

Beautifully created to the simple definition of the title. Gray Wolf Throne is about nothing but. Raisa must make a decision and she does. I admired hers and Han’s character. I loved how they go through so much change in such little time. I felt myself cry as the story wen farther in. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for an adventure.