Call of Duty:Black Ops set to release Nov. 9

Call of Duty:Black Ops set to release Nov. 9
Call of Duty Black Ops is due to appear in stores Nov. 9. The game offers much the same as the first two just with a different war era. (game screen shot)

Call of Duty has long been a leader in military shooter games. They dominated the WWII scene and later expanded their success into the current era with Modern Warfare.Now the game designers are attempting a middle era with “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” This one takes place during the war in Vietnam and the tense Cold War. The new developer, Treyarch, have promised to fix the many complaints by gamers from “Modern Warfare 2”, which was developed by Infinity Ward.

But from the preview videos and gameplay, Black Ops looks much the same as Modern Warfare 2, at least the multiplayer portion of the game. Based on the available content so far, the campaign will offer the expected impressive visuals, explosive gameplay, and jaw dropping cinematic moments. The biggest complaint by gamers in the prior games was about the multi-player option, and Black Ops looks like it will offer much the same. The same perks, killstreaks and weapons which players dreaded in Modern Warfare 2. This game even adds new camera equipment that the much hated “campers” will surely use to spy on enemies.

Even though people complained about the functions of “Modern Warfare 2,” it still turned out to be on of the best games of 2009. Gamers shouldn’t judge too quickly though. We will have to wait until the game hits stores Nove. 9 to really see if they fixed or changed anything at all.

So far it seems like another stressing experience for online gamers. If you haven’t had any complaints with the Call of Duty series, then don’t hesitate to pick this one up. As for the rest of you gamers, this game should definitely be a rent-first and buy later type of game.