The Vow

The best movie to watch for Valentines !

Listen up couples and singles! Valentines is here. Any plans ? well, if you were thinking a movie,I suggest to go see The Vow.

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are back on the big screen. The movie is based on a true story its about a newlywed couple that just got married in a museum. He tells her to move in with him but through out the movie the they get hit by a trailer truck. They both survived the crash, but Paige (Rachel) ends up losing part of her memory. She doesn’t even remember her own husband. She like scared because this man is following her everywhere .

Now the husband has to start all over and make her fall in love with him again. He thinks that making her fall in love back with him is going to be easy and hard but he is just sad that he has to start all over she just has no idea whats going on. She gets frustrated then she sees her wedding video and starts remember. He takes her on a date and then he said that he ” will always love her no matter what” then she says ” I hope I will love you the way you love me”. Will Paige remember or will Leo only stay a memory?