Hunger Games The Movie Soundtrack

Being Sold In Stores March 20, 2012

Being released on March 20 the Hunger Games soundtrack is the small preview to the movie of the year. Hunger Games is the bestselling book of the year 2011. The soundtrack has a selection of artists. Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars, and many more that are Alternative Rock. This Album was what I was expecting, but I never expected Kid Cudi. That was a shock to me. But the song wasn’t bad. The only thing that I expected is Alternative Rock. It was something unexpected and I like it.

The hit of the album so far is the song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars. The song was something that I enjoy. It was a strong start for the album in lyrics not instrumentals. The song began with a soft tone that sounds a bit desperate. I believe that the lyrics are the influence in the emotional sadness. It isn’t trying so hard to be the best and that is what makes it unique. The instrumentals were remarkable. The guitar was light and once the tension got bigger the guitar didn’t budge a bit. The elements that come to mind for me when it comes to the instrumentals was thunder and lightening. They were powerful mood moving. The only one thing that I criticize the most: the vocals. I appreciate Taylor Swift’s vocals, but the one thing that I recommend is for the female singer from the Civil Wars, Joy Williams to bring some more vocals. I really love Joy’s voice. It’s very soft and pleasant. I want more of her than Taylor. I love Taylor’s voice, but it was just too much Taylor and not enough of The Civil Wars. The team for this song is beautiful. They blend together perfectly.

To lighten up the mood a little was the song by The Secret Sisters. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder is the song that I believe be the peaceful moment in the movie. There is always that part of the movie where the timings are peaceful and the climax is almost coming. The song starts off with a soft strum of the guitar. This is what starts off the mood. Then the lead singer comes with her soft voice that is solid. It keeps the song steady. The lyrics was the thing that caught my attention. “Black clouds are now behind me I can see a head often I wonder why” these lyrics bring out the sorrow but the chorus lyric and title “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” is the four words that bring the brightness of the song. The song is categorized as a folk song. With it’s strings that strum lightly and slowly. It is perfect to play for a sunny day.

This album has many surprises in store for listeners. Especially Hunger Games fans. The fact that the book is becoming a movie; makes critics worry. Just like Twilight, will it lame and something no one can stand? Not all movies can have everything the book has, because of timing. But that is what the soundtrack is for. Even though the acting sucks at least it could fall back to the awesome soundtrack. Without a decent soundtrack then the movie will have to be really good. That is a chance that is too risky to take.


I give this review 4 paws