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Panther Prints

Music Mondays with Maria- She and Him Vs. Demi Lovato

April 1, 2013

Listen in on the very first singles roulette between She and Him and Demi Lovato. See who wins....

Books should Stick To Pages

February 7, 2013

If one were to look up the definition of a book it would probably be a square that contains words making up stories. It surely would not be defined as the next big thing on the movie screen. I have been telling myself that every ti...

Nicholas Sparks’ New Book On The Big Screen: Safe Haven

January 30, 2013

He was the one that many women commend for his stories of love and reality. Nicholas Sparks is back to the big dance with a his book that I actually found  to be predictable. This book, Safe Haven is almost like all love storie...

MCR News Album: It’s can do better for 2013

January 11, 2013

    To start off the year, My Chemical Romance is back from 2 years of creating music. They give some sneak peaks for their next album, Number Four. These two songs are very new and I believe bring in a more punk fee...

Free Book Give Away At The Library

January 10, 2013

Because various books in the library are getting older and are sitting on the shelf taking up needed space for new arrivals, they are now offering older books to students who wish to add them to their personal home library. "We are ...

The Musical That Ended 2012 With A Bang

January 9, 2013

For the holiday season, there was a movie that caused me to have my jaw drop. I even found it better than the Hobbit. I couldn't believe that possibility, because I am actually a complete nerd whenever I talk about J.R.R Tolkien's Lo...