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  • High Hat tryouts, meeting in the Dance Room 11/29 @ 7

  • Seniors will be taking pictures November 1st and 2nd. Make sure you have a $10 sitting fee

“New Space”
I was first into taking photos and capturing landscapes and objects before taking a photography class, this is where I learned different techniques and started taking portraits of people. A while later, I began to be into editing but I didn't do much and what I did edit they were only short 10 second clips,

eventually I started creating short "movie" trailers, which I still do

but over time I got more interested in editing my own content so I made short motion stop movies and began editing youtube videos for an acquaintance. During junior year I heard about a class that had a lot to do with filming and editing so I decided to join and I was taught how to make 1-3 minute segments about different subjects and events that occurred during the school year. As much as I enjoyed creating segments, I didn't get to do exactly what I wanted nor did I have the ability. Therefore this year I'm really hoping to not only learn more things but

{I want} to be able to work on projects and create something that I personally wanted and to be proud of it.


Ahylaina Mitchell, Videographer and Photographer