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Duncanville Student Media formerly known as Panther Prints is the voice of Duncanville High School. This is the official student media site of Duncanville High school. All content on this site is provided by our student journalists. Our staff is continually ranked among the top newspapers in the state and also places in the top of many national contest as well.

Panther Prints has been in circulation since the early 50’s beginning as a Print publication and transitioning to an online publication in 2010. Our content is based on what happens on our campus and in our community that affects our student body. The Duncanville Student Media staff prides themselves in providing great news, editorials, features and sports stories as well as video and radio stories to our audience.

Duncanville Student Media encourages readers to interact with us.  We accept letters to the editor and encourage your comments on articles published on our website.  You may submit a letter to the editor by completing the form our our website and sending it in to our staff. We read every letter that is sent to us however we reserve the right not to publish the letter based on its content and nature as it relates to our student body. We also read every comment on our articles and content however we reserve the right to publish those comments.


Current Senior Editors for the Duncanville Student Media include:

Evan Lee, who is our social media manager,

Meghan Bryant and Camarion Johnson, who are in charge of photography,

Yilmar Bonilla, who is in charge of broadcast,

Janae Allen, who is in charge of podcast,

Anthony Moss, who is equipment manager,

Mayah Parish, who is our website retooler,

and Hector Rangel, who is our graphic editor

Past Editors

Emily Guerrero (2022)

Ricardo Martin (2017)

Kennedy Stidham (2015 & 2016)

Allison Peregory (2013 & 2014)

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