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Personal Column: Stereotyping hinders knowing the real person inside

Azja Stanton, Guest Columnist

“Ugh, I don’t like her, she thinks she is all that,” A phrase that I know all too well.

Azja Stanton, Guest Columnist
The girls cross their arms and look me up and down as I walk down the hallway smiling and talking to all my friends. They stare for a moment then whisper into their friend’s ear something while still staring at me. It doesn’t seem to bother me anymore, like it did when I was a little younger.  But, I do wish they took the time to get to know me.

Since about 7th grade, I have been stereotyped as the girl who thinks she is “all that.” Now, I am in 10th grade, and I have met many new friends, and the first thing the girls tell me is that they always thought that I thought I was too good for everybody, but after meeting me, they say I’m really nice.

I think the thing that most makes me seem like I think I’m above everybody else is that I always make sure I look presentable when I go places and I don’t talk to people unless they are my friends, and also the fact that I am a cheerleader and they also have the stereotype that we think we’re better than everyone else, when that is not the case.

Minor things may be that I have good grades, and a lot of guys like me, but I really don’t worry about boys, they are a distraction from my grades.  I also like to try new things, I am in BPA, Student Council, Academic Decathlon, varsity cheer, volleyball, college classes at SMU, I was freshman princess etc.


The girls tend to not like that I try new things and I do a lot of extra-curricular activities and that I have many friends, so they never actually try to get to know me. The things that bothers me most is that I know I’m really down to Earth and I have a good heart, but some people will never understand that or even get the chance to know me because of what they heard or what they see on the outside.

I have many good qualities to my personality, I can make anyone laugh, and I am an awesome listener and I can give good advice. I am a really good friend in my opinion, and I have been told this. So, why girls don’t really like me or get along with me is kind of hard for me to take in because on the outside I may look tough, but on the inside I am really sensitive. I don’t like that I have been stereotyped with such a bad name that is the exact opposite of who I really am.

Over the years, I have tried to open up a bit and talk to new people so they think that I am a nice person like my friends, but some people just will not like you. It’s not that I need more friends, just the simple fact that I don’t want to be remembered as the girl who thought she was too good for anybody. I want to be remembered as the girl who helped people, strived for what she wanted, sweet, and all the good characteristics, but I can’t be remembered like that if everyone is thinking that I’m a mean girl.

You shouldn’t judge people before you actually meet them, you could be staring your new best friend in the face. You shouldn’t label people by how they look or what you see on the outside. You should take the time to meet them and hang out.  You never know what kind of person they actually are or if they just need a friend to be there for them. Just don’t stereotype people. It isn’t right.

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