Young Life offers positive after-school environment for students

Young Life offers positive after-school environment for students
Southwest Dallas Younglife director Cassandra Shed sings along with students during music time at a Thursday night club meeting. (Javante Shanks photo)

There’s always a weekly announcement for Young Life, flyers litter the hallways with the big YL logo, and people are always talking about it. Students meet for worship and fellowship, but the group still remains a mystery to some students.

“It’s like my getaway. I love everything about Young Life,” junior young life leader Jazmine Harper said. “Young life is now an extreme part of my life.”

Young Life is a club where students can go to hang out in a positive enviornment after school on Thursday afternoons.

“It is great to be part of a club that presents a positive message to students,” club sponsor James Rich said. “ We just want students to have the opportunity to be part of something positive at the school.”

Although Young Life is a club for everyoine to join, the club specifically targets students that may not be members of a youth group at church or involved in another club at school.

“I feel it is important to have Young Life in school because students can still learn about Christ in a school setting,” Southwest Dallas Young Life director Cassandra Shed said.

Members of Young Life find themselves growing closer to old friends, and making new ones at the same time.

“The most important thing about Young Life is the relationships you build with the kids and the leaders,” Shed said, “which will then lead to a relationship with God.”