Column: Beneath Her Wings


Iyra Sembrano, Staff Writer

Christina Sembrana, Staff Writer
It’s 1AM and my mind continues to wander. It’s another sleepless night procrastinating over homework. Hours later, the aroma of breakfast wakes up my senses. I grab a few bites just to make sure I survive through another stressful day of school. I rush to my bus stop, and her eyes follow me as the bus driver greets me good morning.

This is just another act from a mother and her overprotective nature. I feel it all the time. Sometimes, she even calls me just to make sure that I am on my bus. I love how my mother makes me feel safe and secure. Often times, silence speaks when words cannot. Sometimes, she feels that I do not value those little things she does for me every single day, but little does she know that I am very thankful to have an amazing mother.

Not all mothers wake up at 5am to cook a sumptuous meal for their children. There are some that do not even get the chance to see their daughters in the morning because of their busy schedules. I am not just lucky but blessed to have a mother like her. She is not required to do these simple things, but she chooses to. I feel extra special.

Whenever I miss breakfast, it makes me feel bad because I know how much precious sleep she sacrificed. She makes sure that I start my morning right. She looks out for me, especially when I do not even put enough effort in preparing myself for school. I kiss her goodbye and as soon as I turn around, she goes, “hey, did you get all of your homework from your desk?” or “hey, don’t forget to text me when you get to school” or even “hey, there’s a little bit of toothpaste on your chin.” That is usually our daily routine. I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for her, I would be walking like a zombie in school every single day.

My parents have been there for me before I even experienced reality. Without a doubt, my mother is probably the one who endured the most pain. Just having to carry more weight for eight months and undergoing labor is enough to prove that she is an extremely strong woman. She has those sleepless nights where her infant just did not want to go to sleep. She took care of me beneath her wings.

She was there when her little bird learned how to fly.
She was there when I mumbled my first few “words.”
She was my first teacher who taught me how to read and write, and it takes a lot of determination to teach a child with a blank slate.
She was there on my first day of school.
She was there on my first fall.
So how would you define a mother?
A mother makes sure that she is always there for her daughter. She wants to be there every time the little bird takes flight.
Sometimes, her little bird might suffer a broken leg or a broken wing. A mother will be there to share the pain. She will lend a wing until her little bird picks up enough strength to fly again.

A mother is one who is endowed with very good ears. She will listen until her child runs out of stories to tell. She will try her best to relate with her daughter. She will often share the laughs, and there are times when she will have to shed a tear or two, just to let her daughter know that she is not alone.

A mother is not only a great listener, but is also someone who gives great advice. She has been there. She is there to guide us and teach us our lessons. We may not always agree with her decisions, but in the end, it is us who benefits from it.

A mother will never leave your side. She will stand by her child during her greatest achievements and most especially when her little bird’s downtrodden.
She will be your rock when everything is wonderfully wretched.

So how do you define a mother?

There is no doubt, that a mother’s source of strength and inspiration is her children. She will walk the extra mile just to make her children happy. They are the beginning of what she has now.

There are no words to describe the wonderful relationship I have with my mother. As I look back through the years, I realized that we have grown much closer now. My mother made sure that she was always there to support me.

She has never missed any of my volleyball games. She is always the first one to celebrate my successes with me, and she is also the first one to hug me in times of my defeat. My mother always lets me know that she is proud of me even though sometimes I feel like I haven’t made her proud yet.

She made me into the woman that I am right now. My mother made sure that I was choosing the right path on the way to success. She always tells me to stay strong, be firm with my principles, and most of all have faith in myself.

She wants me to be able to stand on my own, and to always keep my feet on the ground. Be what you are… simple and happy. Think of things that will last forever. At the end of the day, she just wants me to be safe and happy wherever I take flight.

My love for my mother is a love that knows no boundaries. As I reap the fruits of success, I always tell myself that it’s all because of her. I owe everything to her and my father.

Often times as children, we may have forgotten to express our gratitude for everything our mother has done for us—even the little things. Thank her now, and let her know how much she is loved and appreciated.

She deserves a million thanks for keeping us beneath her wings.