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History teacher presents his personal theory on JFK assasination to students


Over the last few weeks the television has been splashed with the story surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Although few still live on from that day 50 years ago, Coach Tony Johnson and Paul Westbrook told their history and government students a story of their own during the anniversary week.

“Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for something that is impossible to happen,” Johnson told his class. “There is absolutely no way Oswald could get a clear shot from the sixth floor.”

In┬áJohnson’s class discussion, he explained to his students that all cameras and videos were taken immediately after the president was killed. All except for one.

“The Zapruder film was never released and it shows it all,” Johnson said. “The film is clear. The last and fatal shot came to the front of President Kennedy’s head not from behind.”

Johnson went on to say that in that case the shot could not have come from where Oswald was located.

“The American people were told a lie,” Johnson said “The Government fabricated and blamed everything on Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Johnson also gave out packets with numerous pieces of written material in them. One of the objects was a flier printed full page in the Dallas newspaper prior to President Kennedy’s arrival.

“If you knew as a government that the people in Dallas hated the president so much, why would you not have stronger protection for the President,” Johnson said.

Johnson presented evidence including video and printed material showing that the president was involved in numerous parades and all of them had stronger protection than the Dallas Parade.

“President Kennedy had been in 98 motorcades with a protective bubble over his vehicle,” Johnson said. “And our government chose Dallas, a town where he was hated as one of two where they he did not have a protective bubble. Does that seem suspicious or what?”

Johnson did make it clear to his class that whether they believed his story or not if he made them think deeper he accomplished his job.

“I actually had a student in Kansas go out and do his own research to see if what I said was true,” Johnson said. “If you go out and look into this and find something different than I did I win because I made you think about it as a teacher.”

In the end Johnson left his class with the main reason for his presentation.

“If an elected president can be executed for saying the wrong things, so that a president who does say the right things can be put in office, we are in trouble,” Johnson said. “That is not a democracy.”

See the full video of Coach Johnson’s presentation below.

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