National college recruiting expert Jack Renkins to speak Jan. 24

National college recruiting expert Jack Renkins to speak Jan. 24


National college recruiting expert Jack Renkins speaks across the country to athletes and parents about how to market themselves as incoming freshmen. He will speak to athletes and their families in the DHS auditorium Jan. 24 at 7 p.m.

Duncanville-National college recruiting expert Jack Renkins will speak to student athletes and their parents about opportunities for entering the recruiting process Jan. 24 in the DHS auditorium at 7 p.m.

When it comes to the parents who are involved in collegiate recruiting process, Jack Renkens has seen it all. From his days as a high school coach, administrator and teacher through his time as coach and Athletic Director at an award winning NCAA Division II schook, Jack has witnessed the game from all sides. Jack founded Recruiting Realities, an organization dedicated to exploding the myths and presenting the realities of athletic recruiting to student-athletes, their families, coaches and school counselors.

Jack’s highly sought after program has been featured at thousands of schools across the United States, on numerous television programs and at sports camps from coast to coast. In addition, he is a weekly contributer to several major newspapers and magazines. His message about collegiate athletic recruiting is simple: “It’s a game…Know the rules.”

High school student athletes serious about continuing to play sports in college can never start early, nor get to much help. However, most students don’t know the recruiting game, NCAA rules or how to get matched with the best college for them. Jack will clarify recruiting myths and provide tips to parents and students serious about taking their high school athletics to the next level.

All student athletes and their families will be admitted to the program free. The first five coaches to arrive will receive a complimentary copy of Jack’s most recent book.

For more information contact the Athletic Office. You can also learn more about Jack’s recruiting at