Powderpuff participants reverse the roles


Junior Joseph Ramirez sports a full cheerleading ensemble as he blows a kiss to the crowd. (Karla Estrada photo)
Junior Joseph Ramirez sports a full cheerleading ensemble as he blows a kiss to the crowd. (Karla Estrada photo)

With polished lips forming eager smiles and a flip of their hair, they parade onto the field in various red white and blue uniforms that feature poofy skirts and tight tops. They get into position, ready to perform their dance. Some are surprisingly poised while others lack grace. But whether audience members were disgusted or amused, they couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off the field.

At Duncanville’s powder puff game on Thursday, boys took the place of cheerleaders while the girls took the field. The boys learned a dance that they presented from the middle of the field during the halftime show.

“We thought it’d be a cool idea to have a lot fun with our friends and get to see what it feels like to be a cheerleader.” Junior Joseph Ramirez said.

The boy underwent a full transformation that included female uniforms, makeup, tights and wigs. Many boys are too embarrassed or reserve to dress up as ladies, but Ramirez said he had a lot of fun.

“You have to adapt to the woman figure and make sure everything as female as possible,” Ramirez said. “I went the whole nine yards and even bought panty hose. If you’re gonna be a female either go big or go home.”

Junior Gregory Monks said that the experience was eye opening as well as fun.

“It was funny and fun, but putting on the makeup was scary because of how the girls do it,” Monks said “So I see what girls go through, but overall we had a great time.”

Many boys had no experience in cheer or dance, and yet they pulled off real cheer stunts after only four practices. It was a challenge, but the boys were excited to attempt it.

“It was scary making sure to not hurt yourself,” Ramirez said, “but I just wanted to give my friends and those people a good show.”

Being in the spot light was what most of the boys enjoyed most.

“What I liked most about the experience was seeing the look on my girlfriend’s and friends’ faces and how everyone applauded when we came out,” senior Alex Medina said

Fun was what most of the cheerleaders reported at the end of the night. All the cheerleaders seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves that night, no matter how ridiculous they felt.

“It was really fun, I’m probably doing it again next year,” junior Adan Villegas said. “It’s not everyday you get to say you were a cheerleader when you’re a guy. And apparently, to some people I was an attractive girl.”

Villegas said he faced teasing and name calling, but he had fun none the less.

“We embarrassed ourselves in front of many people for their entertainment,” Villegas said. “You can judge us all you want but at the end you’re most likely enjoyed what we did.”

See video of game below