Marcel Southall honored by selection for Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl

By Khadijah McCall, Staff Writer

Varsity defensive tackle Marcel Southall has been selected to the 2016 Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl. He was also presented with the honorary game jersey in front of his family, friends, fellow students, faculty and local media, and the United States Marine corps.

“The commitment he has exhibit on the field, in the classroom, the leadership you have shown in your school and community and the courage you have displayed in choosing a positive path makes you an inspiration to your hometown,” Marine Staff Sergeant Gonzalez said to Southall. 

This is an honor for Southall as well as the entire Duncanville football program.

 “Anytime there is an event with the marines or the law enforcement, it is truly an honor to be associated with them,” head football coach, Reginald Samples said.

Such recognition will be something Southall recalls forever.

“This is not just an award that just goes on for a year, this is an award that goes on for a long span of time,” Samples said.