MAKE-ing the best of POWDER puff


The cheerleaders and High Hats went all out with their attire – wearing skirts, wigs, makeup and jewelry. (Photo by: Karla Estrada)

Football season is the best time of year for High Hats. Before every football game, the dance room is chaotic. As soon as you walk through the doors there is a combination of the smell of fast food and burning hair. Girls are scattered across the dance floor eating or getting dressed. The rest of the girls line up across the ceiling- to-floor mirrors doing their hair and applying makeup. Football season ended 3 months ago but was brought back for the powder puff game recreating the preparation for the halftime performance.

In my government class everyone talked about the game that was coming up night. The conversation led to the high hat and cheerleader performance and the guys began to ask questions about make up and hair. I knew even if I explained the process of makeup I knew that they would forget so I volunteered to help them “fluff” up for their performance.

Senior Damian McElwee applies the High Hat's traditional red lipstick. (Photo by Karla Estrada)
Senior Damian McElwee applies the High Hat’s traditional red lipstick. (Photo by Karla Estrada)

When I walked into the dance room I felt as if it was September again except my sister were now my brothers. All of the guys were dancing in their mix of High Hat and cheerleader uniforms. Chairs lined up across the floor with and some of the guys were getting soaked in liquid foundation, covering their facial hair. Some of the cheerleaders that volunteered were going full out, contouring faces and filling in eyebrows. The process turned into an assembly line. One girl would do eye shadow, another would put on eyeliner and the last would finish with the traditional red lipstick.

I never realized how difficult it is to put on makeup. I recall the first time I put on makeup and all the mistakes I would make but it soon became a routine. When I began to put make up on the guys it felt as if I was learning how to put it on again. The easiest thing became a challenge, especially lipstick. It takes me two quick swipes to apply but when I applied it I kept smearing the tube around making one guy look like the joker.

When all the guys were finished and performance ready, everyone was pleased with the work done. All of the guys were going crazy over each other’s make over. They preformed like the way they looked. Flawless.

This is my senior year and football season is my favorite memory so far. Helping the guys get ready for their performance brought back many moments that I will miss. I’m glad I was apart of it.