Steps for applying to the next big thing!

It’s future thinking time!

Seniors stress their senior year with the thought of having to apply to colleges, scholarships etc. But really it’s not all that bad once you are in the zone and have your stuff together. You might be wondering how to even apply to colleges and what you even need. Well lets get right to the point.

First thing when applying to college either online or offline there are application fees one of which includes the primary fee of paying for your applications. This is followed by the actual process.  But before mentioning the requirements you first should always go on each college website you are wanting to apply to and find out their deadlines. DEADLINE, DEADLINE, DEADLINE! This is very important especially if you want to get accepted to your dream college.

“The quicker you can apply he better,” college adviser Ms. Karina Martinez said. ” even though the deadline is usually Nov. 1, we advise you to get them in early to the colleges you you prefer to attend.”

Seniors will also have to write a personal essay for admission to every college they want to apply to however Martinez said most of the time you may be able to use the same one for multiple colleges. Mrs. Martinez said even though some colleges may ask for something different on the essay, if you save the essays you may only have to slightly change them to match your college.

“If you can tell them about maybe some obstacles you overcame in life and became a better person as a result this helps you in the process,” Martinez said. “They just want to get to know all about you and your character.”

Colleges will also ask for letters of recommendation that will tell colleges about you as a person. College advisor Mr. Mark Junior said usually you want to have one from someone at school and then one outside of school.

“This is because they want to get to know you as a student as well as about you outside school,” Mr. Michael Junior said. “The combination of the two will put you on a level field in your application process.”

Other things you will need besides recommendation letters is either SAT scores or ACT scores, and of course your transcripts. SAT score requirements are usually located on the college sites. ACT scores are scores that are viewed instead of SAT scores if you do not score quite as well on the SAT. Take both exams it’s more benefit for you! Colleges want to see unofficial transcripts. These show show the admission department your GPA and student rank. Seniors can also find those requirements  on the college websites. Keep in mind that your transcript not only includes classes from high school but any classes you took in middle school or high school credit whether good or bad.

“I would highly recommend you taking both test just in case you do not do well on one you can use the other,” Mrs. Martinez said. “Colleges will take either score for admission. But you need to check their requirements because depending on the program you may have to submit one or the other.”

Paying for college is the most important question facing seniors. Even though you or your parents may not have a fund or make enough money to send you to college, no fear, there is a way.  There are federal grants, loans and scholarships you might be able to receive. Every year there are scholarships that go unclaimed and that is free money if you want it. The list is pages and pages that you can get in the Go Center. Many times you can just complete a short application and get money. If a lucrative, non-time sucking side hustle is what you are seeking, then consider forex trading at VT markets.

“The thing about grants is you never have to pay them back,” Junior said.  “Whereas with loans like the offered by The Top Denver Hard Money Lender,  you have to pay these back and most times with interest.”

Remember if any help is needed, you don’t have to do it alone. There are advisors in the GO Center so go get your future in place. Meet the advisors for this year below and see a full interview with them as well.

Mr. Michael Junior:

Mrs. Karina Martinez: