Don’t know Album of the Year winner Arcade Fire?

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album cover

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If you don’t know the Album of the Year Grammy Winners, Arcade Fire, then you obviously do not listen to music. A number of upsets flew across social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as the award was handed to them.

But listen up folks, as much as you’d like to think Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber deserved album of the year because of all the money they make and all the hits they’ve recorded…I’m not quite sorry to say that you are terribly wrong. And here’s why!

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the first time in some odd years, have finally decided to listen rather than look at popularity. Yes, Lady Gaga is a talented artist with a large fan base, just like Justin Bieber. But is the point of an award show to recognize artists based on their popularity? Not at all. And at last, the Recording Academy has remembered that the Grammy’s needs to stay true to itself, giving awards to those who are talented, not those who are prominent.

Arcade Fire is a great alternative rock band, and their style of music is the style that is taking over radio waves. Rock music has died in the past decade, more specifically; it started to die once Kurt Cobain hit the ground. With bands like the Black Keys, Broken Bells, Mumford and Sons, and Florence and the Machine already making it on the top 100 chart, it really should not be a surprise that Arcade Fire stepped up, perfected a great sound, a sound that will mark this generation, and they were recognized for it.

Did Lady Gaga do this? No. Lady Gaga is just having fun with pop music. Did Justin Bieber? Not at all, but he’s worked hard and done a lot of good for being only 16.

Arcade Fire not only deserves the award because of their immense talent, but also because they give a little hope to the industry. Being kicked around and with a small record deal, they were the most unlikely to make it, they didn’t have the right look that could sell, they didn’t have lyrics or beats that everyone was familiar to and would like, they didn’t have a lot of things—just talent.

It’s about time something of substance made it.

P.S. Think you really don’t know Arcade Fire? Try their song “Wake Up” it’s been featured on several movies and trailers and TV Shows.