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Seniors treasure night together under the sea

Seniors treasure night together under the sea
Maybeth Alvarez, Briantria Evans and Rikke Stebbins enjoy a moment together on the dance floor. (Allie Peregory photo)

It was like walking into a red carpet event. Limos pulling up and couples piling out. Long, shimmering gowns on the girls and boys cleaning up nicely in tuxes. Prom night- the night that seniors look forward to all year, the last big get-together of the year before graduation.
“Senior year goes by so fast that it’s hard to really not take it for granted,” senior Abbie Palmgren said. “Prom is a right of passage, in a way. I feel like this event has been a good start to the conclusion to my senior year.”
The prom this year was themed “A Night to Treasure.” The event was held at the Waxahachie Civic Center, a new venue from where prom has been hosted in the past.
“The place that we had been using for the past 20 years changed their caterers and we were very dissatisfied with their catering and the treatment,” prom coordinator Becky Friesen said. “This is a $40,000 party. We decided not to go back to that same venue, so we started looking around trying to find a location. The Waxahachie Civic Center was the best we could do and afford without going up on ticket prices.”
Fuson says that although they had to make the change, that the change in venue has turned out to be positive.
“I think this venue is better. I like the set-up of the ballroom. It’s easy to see, the dance floor is in the center,” Friesen said. “I like having a separate space for the photographers, and I like having the food off to the side in a separate room. I like the variety of food here. The caterer has been very nice, very wonderful to work with. This is the first prom that he’s done, so it’s been a bit of a learning curve for both of us.”
This year’s prom didn’t attract only Duncanville seniors, students from other schools also came to prom as dates. Midlothian senior Marie Losey says that even though she didn’t go to prom at her own school, she is happy with her decision to come to Duncanville prom with her date.
“Sometimes I wish I had gone to Midlothian prom, but my boyfriend and all of my best friends are here,” Losey said. “I’ve been having a lot of fun.”
Alumni Kevin Basa went to prom with his girlfriend and says that this year’s prom has been different from his senior prom last year, but says that he has enjoyed his time back at prom the second go-around.
“The music is a lot different,” Basa said. “I’d have to say that my prom compared to this prom, this prom mixes up the music a lot better. My prom it was rap the whole time and it got really tiring and everyone got sick of it. I like coming back to see everyone that I haven’t seen in a while, so it all works out.”
Although there was a dresscode to help encourage modesty, no above the knee dresses and limited skin exposure, people still showed up looking their best. Girls had dresses ranging from huge detailed ballgowns to simple silhouette styles. Even the guys came looking sharp in different colored tuxes to match their dates.
“My mom made my dress. She was finishing it as I walked out of the door,” Palmgren said. “We watched the Ms. America pageant and the girl that won was wearing a dress like this for her talent dress. That was the inspiration, and nobody here will have a dress like mine.”
“The best part of prom is being a senior, getting all dressed up and celebrating with your friends that you’ve been together with all these years about to jump off to college or who knows what,” Friesen said

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