Fun. Top of Billboard Charts

Billboard #1 song

Their sophomore album for FUN.,Some Nights was released on February 21 2012 along with their music video for their single Some Nights.With just a week and a half their single “We are Young” ft Janelle Monae has been #1 on iTunes and their album #3 these past few weeks. They even had their song We Are Young featured in the hit tv show Glee.  IT has also raged on of the commercial during the super bowl. The CD has 11 great songs, Junior Thalia Magdaleno said ” The reason I love that song is because the use of the instruments go well.Like the rhythm of the song flows well. I like how the beat sounds and the vocalists just know how to sing pleasantly. Also I’m into music that sounds kind of “old school” like that.” The song is ranked #1 on Billboard Top 100. The band based their music from the 80’s music. How long will they stay number one?