Editorial: Band deserves support due to them at State Marching Contest


The Duncanville High School Band has advanced to the 5A Texas State Marching Contest every year since 1988. This is a long tradition, and with such a strong history of success comes a strong fan base. The band competed this past weekend and has yet again earned a spot in the State Marching Contest. Students have already begun making plans to travel to San Antonio on Nov. 6 to support the band. The administration should consider allowing the organization of a student spirit bus to travel to the Alamodome and cheer on this organization as they strive for a state title.

In the past the administration has allowed student spirit buses to travel with athletics to UIL events during school hours, most recently a bus to Austin in support of the now reigning 5A State Champion Girls Basketball team, our own Pantherettes. Band is a larger organization than the basketball team, so there would be more absences Nov. 7, but students supporting students should be encouraged.

Students who wish to attend theĀ  State Marching Contest will still organize carpools with each other and find their way to the Alamodome regardless of what the school’s rules about absences are. There will still be just as many absences, but students driving themselves all the way to San Antonio early in the morning is much more dangerous than riding a school spirit bus. Students will be more likely to have an accident while driving with other students in the car, earlier in the morning and traveling in an area they are unfamiliar with. However, if they traveled on a bus they will be more safe and less likely to become another statistic about teenage driving accidents.

The administration may argue that students will join the spirit bus as an excuse to skip school, but the administration can create regulations for students eligible to attend. There can be attendance requirements, making students with too many absences ineligible. There could also be a parent release form that must be signed and returned in order to ride the bus. Students wishing to ride the bus could be required to pay a fee to help cover gas prices. If parents are willing to let their student leave school, willing to pay a fee and the student has taken care of business in classes there is no reason that student should be discouraged from supporting their peers in the State Marching Contest.

The band would appreciate as many people as possible in the stands cheering for them. Duncanville prides itself in being a strong community of students. The administration should allow students to embrace this sense of community and encourage expression of school spirit by organizing a spirit bus to travel to the AlamodomeĀ  Nov. 7 in support of the program.