Clubs and Organizations meet up to create the Lip Dub Trailer


New building principal Tia Simmons was at the beginning and end of the lipdub showing her Panther Pride. (Ruth Thunderhawk photo)

Students took the last few weeks of their summer break to come to the school rallying around new building principal Tia Simmons to produce a first ever school lipdub.  The lipdub was planned and created in less than a week with only two takes on production day.

“This project was something that students can be proud of,” AV production teacher James Rich said. “Although the planning was done in such a short period, I am proud of all those who came together to make this possible.”

Over 400 students participated in the lipdub as well as some faculty and administrative staff.

“I am happy with the Panther Pride shown in this project,” Simmons said. “This shows what our school is all about.”

The video received over 5,000 views in less than two days of being posted on youtube.